Some Eastern Shore Families

The history of the Eastern Shore of Maryland, Delaware and Virginia dates to the birth of our nation. Many descendants of this country's first settlers live not far from where their ancestors did 300 years ago. What families blend to make your family? Are they from the Eastern Shore or are they "forners"?

I enjoy studying and reliving the lives of my Eastern Shore ancestors. Their wonderful stories fascinate me. We all are part of what I like to call "the big stew pot of life" and occasionally in researching them I come across a good chunk of meat to chew on. The beginings of this list contain the names I've been researching. There are many more to come.

Richardson - A great web site for the descendants of Robert Richardson, c.1637

Parsons - Under Construction

Palmer - Under Construction

Bonneville - Beginning with James Bonneville

Spencer - Worcester and Somerset County Spencer families

Taylor - Under Construction

Bowden - Under Construction Back To Main Page

February 1997, web page author, George E. Richardson, III